“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dream Over the Weekend

I was on a bus going somewhere. I don't know where we were heading but in my dream I did. I also didn't know all the people on the bus, but in my dream I did.
We got to our destination. We were early. It was almost light out, and it was pretty darn chilly. We were all waiting on a football field for whatever it was we were waiting for. My hula sister Juna started sprinting lines on the football field. I asked her what she was doing that for. She said she needed to warm up. I suggested we dance instead. The two of us got into our pukas. By the time the first kaholo was finished I noticed we had at least 10 other dancers with us, one of whom was Victor Garber, and his freakishly large ears. He was wearing a bright red aloha shirt. Stepping out of my dream I thought it was weird he was there, but in my dream he was a living, breathing hula brother who was a member of my class. I don't remember what Juna and I started dancing, but all of the sudden the dance changed to something that everyone but me knew. I moved to the back and sat on a stump. Hula brother Yves came up to me and handed me a grape. He asked me if I wanted half of the bunch he was eating. I said yes. He turned his back to me and devoured have of the grapes he had. I woke up as he was turning around to hand me the other half.

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