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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tree Trimming

It's always exciting to set up for Christmas! We got our tree last Saturday and decorated it the other day.
Last year I writing about setting up our quirky Nativity Set and its broken bits. This year I thought I'd focus on the tree.
Our ornaments are a mish mash of pieces we've collected over the years. Just like our Nativity set, some of the ornaments were given to us by Hubby's mom. A lot of them I got from a former employer's employee sale, and a good handful are from The Girl's handiwork at school. They all have their own sweet characteristics. They all bring back fond memories of Christmasses  past. There's the pine cones given to me by an old co-worker, the wooden salmon, the seahorse with the almost broken nose, the paper mache balls that open up. My favorites are the ones that The Girl made at school. I love macaroni and picture-frame art -turned ornament.
This year one ornament stood out more than others; the blown glass cat.
The Girl picked it up out of the box and was about to hang it on the tree and paused, smiled, turned it around to us and asked "why does this cat have a butthole?"
Merry Christmas!

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