“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Friday, April 30, 2010

I Like Hot Butter On My Taca, Taca Taco Bell.

I had a dream last night -

I was working at Taco Bell in Long Beach, the one on the corner of Sterns and Palo Verde. Not the one that's there now, though, the one that used to be there before Tom's Liquor was razed. I wasn't very happy I had to work, and was even unhappier I had to work there. It got really busy. They had me working on the register but I didn't know where any of the buttons were and I was super slow. I started working the line but was really slow there, too. I wasn't as fast as I was in high school (yes, I worked at Taco Bell in high school). I was trying to stir the meat to make sure the orange grease-juice was incorporated well but there were big chunks of hamburger in there. Then some kid came up to me and started yelling at me that the meat wasn't "bready" enough. I assured him that there was plenty of filler in the Taco Bell meat and even went to the back to get a bag of the instant meat product to show him the listed ingredients to show him that I was right. He still didn't believe me. I thought I was off work at midnight, so at 11:55 I drained the water from the steam table and made myself a taco wrapped in a burrito. I took a bite and then the manager came in and told me that I wasn't off work until 1am (except he said 13 o'clock). I told him that was stupid and bogus. Tons of customers started coming in so I had to refill the steam table with more water. Then Mike from this season's American Idol came in. He was sweet on me. I had a crush on him too but was hesitant because, y'know, I am married afterall. I left work telling my boss "Eff this noise, I'm going to Mike's house." We walked to his house. He lived on Vuelta Grande St. His house was huge with lots of patios and wicker furniture. His mom came out and handed me a bunch of clothes and said they were hand-me-downs and I was welcome to them. Mike and I were hanging out on the couch and my co-worker/friend KQ, who in real life is blond, really pretty and swears like a sailor made "Isaac from the LoveBoat Guns" at me and said "I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast but I like hot butter on my breakfast toast" and then left. I told Mike I had to leave because I was married and so I did and he was mad.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Hungry Chef made me Hungry.

A few days ago I read this post from OneHungryChef.com. I like reading this guy's blog. His pictures are beautiful. His writing is engaging and his recipies are delicious sounding. I first stumbled upon him back in October when I wrote a post about BLTs.
Anyhow, I made one of his recipies, kinda. One of his recipies inspired me.
I made Cod cooked in Parchment Paper, Oven roasted tomatoes, roasted asparagus and roasted potatoes. We enjoyed our dinner with Drylands Sauvignon Blanc. It was pretty yummy. Hubby made the tomatoes. He cut the tomatoes in half and sprinkled salt, pepper and olive oil on them and popped them in the oven for a few hours. The asparagus was done pretty much the same way but it only spent about 20 minutes in the oven. I like my asparagus to be firm. Mushy asparagus is yucky. I put the fish on a bed of lemon slice, sprinkled with herbes d'provence and wrapped in parchment paper. I sliced the potatoes, gave a toss with olive oil and salt and pepper.

It turned out pretty yummy. Thanks One Hungry Chef.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!

What a nice afternoon.

Hubby was on an errand. Not super certain what we wanted to do but knowing full-well that I didn't want to drive I suggested to The Girl that we put The Boy in his stroller and walk down to Java Beach for an ice cream. Java Beach is a great place; free wireless, Guiness and Sierra on tap, hot chocolate, sandwiches, right across the street from the SF Zoo, and only a 10 minute walk from my house. I think sometimes they may be a little too busy for their staff to handle and their sandwiches and service is not always consistent, but they are a friendly neighborhood place. Every time I go there I see a familiar face from The Girl's school or the neighborhood.
Anyhow, we got The Boy in his stroller and walked over to Java Beach. Thankfully there was a table (most of the time there are a lot of campers there taking advantage of the free wireless, not buying anything and taking up a table for hours on end). The Girl got a cone and The Boy and I got a cup to share. He stole most of it and I only got a few bites, but no matter. It's not like my ass needs a lot of ice cream to rival  The Grande Odalisque.
We also got an iced tea to share but it wasn't sweet enough to The Girl's liking so she went and got a lemonade to put into the tea - sort of a guerrilla Arnold Palmer.
Hubby finished his errand and met us at Java Beach. By that time we had found an even better table outside. We hung out for a while and then decided to walk down to Ocean Beach to throw rocks in the water and play on the sand.

It was a perfect San Francisco Day at the Beach. Ocean Beach, for my Southern California friends and Family, is not the kind of beach where one can play. It isn't like Huntington Beach or Seal Beach where one can jump around and play in the waves all day and still expect to be alive at the end of it. Ocean Beach is an angry bitch beach filled with 50 degree water, rip tides, cross currents. Ocean Beach is good for experienced surfers and fisherman. If you aren't either one of those, stick to playing in the sand and only getting your toes wet; which is exactly what we did. The Boy loved the water. The waves would come in, get his feet wet and then rush out. He would laugh and laugh and laugh and scream. When the water would recede he would get super pissed off and demand that the water come back and make him happy again. It would, and he would laugh his little heart out, and then again, get really offended and angry that the waves dare recede. His sister, The Girl had fun digging up sand crabs and then letting them go in the surf.

It was a great afternoon. We walked home sandy, tired and happy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

No Serenade for the Fire Brigade - Dream on 4/19

I had a dream this morning.
I was in some kind of loft. I can't tell if it was work or home but I definitely knew my way around the place.  I don't know who I was with but in my dream I knew them. 
We heard a loud constant noise outside. We looked outside and way in the distance we saw a big helicopter, the big military kind that transports troops and gear; the kind with propellers on the front and the back. What are those helicopters called? Chinook, right? Anyhow, objects were coming out the back but we couldn't tell what they were. They were being unloaded one by one in a line. When they got closer we realized they were really buff firemen wearing metallic silver uniforms, sans shirts, riding motorcycles. They landed safely and lined themselves along the street side by side on each side of the street. Upon landing they draped themselves with silver blankets, like the kind that they use in Star Trek -The Next Generation.. 

Then the music started. 

The blankets flew off and the firemen, still silver and sitting on their motorcycles started clapping over their heads to the beat of the music then started chanting
'rise up gather round rock this place up to the ground burn it up go for broke watch the night go up in smoke rock on rock on drive me crazier no serenade to the fire brigade it's pyromania' over and over again.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My boy singing and watching cows.

My Project - Something to do on Muni. Won't you join me?

I've been blogging for over a year now. While still new to the blogging scene I've noticed that some regular bloggers have a weekly theme. Some people only show pictures on Wednesdays. Some bloggers have weekly contests and give-aways. Some take a special day out of the week to have a guest blogger on.

I've always wanted to have a weekly feature and I think I've come up with a good one.
I hope it catches on.

I crochet a lot. Most of the time I crochet to keep my hands busy and don't really make anything useful. Sometimes I find a project, am all gung ho about it until I'm about halfway done, then I get bored and start something else. Sometimes I really like what I'm crocheting but the project gets a little bit too big for me to take on Muni so I give it up and start something else.

Here's what I propose - lets hope that by writing it down it sticks:
Every Thursday (or every Thursday I'm ready to start a new project) I'm going to post a crochet pattern. It will most likely be something I found in the free section on Ravelry or Crochet Pattern Central. My goal will be to start the item on Mondays, crochet through the week and show you what I've made. I will do most, if not all of the crocheting on my commute to and from work on Muni. I will invite everyone who reads my blog and rides Muni to join me in this crochet endeavor. Projects will be small, fast and easy. I will choose patterns where one can choose one's own yarn, gauge, size, etc.

I've always thought that a lot of national retailers (like The Gap, Levis, Target, etc.) kind of miss the boat when it comes to Summer in San Francisco. Most of these places sell only summer clothes. They forget that in San Francisco it can get a bit chilly.

In honor of the upcoming Summer in San Francisco, for my first pattern I've decided to do make this scarf using a very cheery summery color. I plan, however to turn it into an infinity scarf and not just a regular scarf.
I hope you can join me.

Here's a picture.

Dreaming of Muni -

I had a dream about Muni last night / this morning.

Hubby and I were going to catch the F-Market from our house to go to work. We got to the platform and I realized that my fastpass wasn't in the little pocket of my purse where I usually keep it. It was in the jacket pocket, and of course I had left that jacket at home. Being that we're way too poor to pay a fine should a POP officer request to see our POP, we decided to not take the train to work, but rather take the train home. While we're on the train two things happen. 1) my mom is on the train 2 seats ahead of us, notices us and gets all mad that we didn't ride the train with her in the first place, and 2) we realize how stupid we are riding the train because we don't have POP and it doesn't matter that we're going home to get my fastpass instead of going to work. Sure enough the Fare inspectors get on the train. When they get to Hubby and me I explain to the nice POP lady what happened, and thank her for not being my least favorite fare inspector who I'm sure is out to get me, and I ask her where my favorite fare inspector is, y'know, the really large friendly lesbian with a crew cut - tough but friendly and fair. She smiles and walks away.
No ticket for me. Thanks dream-inspector.
Hubby and I get off the train and I don't remember anything else except for a weird stairway, some kids playing lemonade checkers and my mom giving me crap again for not riding the bus with her.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cows Cows Cows

For some funny reason that I can't figure out, my boy loves cows.
Today he woke up from his nap totally cranky and unhappy. This is what Hubby played over and over and over again to make him happy.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

They're totally related, aren't they?

Totally Related. Am I right?

Fire Marshall Bill
Nancy Pelosi

Friday, April 2, 2010

#40 is so Stupid - No More Chanting. No More Chanting.

Yesterday Hubby and I took part in the St. Stupid's Day Parade.

I worked half the day then met Hubby at Birley's Sandwiches for one of their yummy cheese sammiches. We then joined a bunch of Stupid People, listened to Grand Marshall Lowell Darling then marched marched marched through the FiDi.
I got to wish Frank Chu a belated 50th Birthday and get my picture taken with him. I saw no less than 9 naked men and Wavy Gravy offered me a Bacon Flavored Gumballs from the back of the Doggie Diner Dog-Head truck.

Here are some lovely pics from the day.

Welcome now my friends to the show that never ends

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