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Friday, January 24, 2014

Pua Bean Has a Job

My little Pua Bean is on the career path. I don't know exactly what it is, but she knows because she's always practicing, always               .

Her first job was pretty entry level. She would take items out of open bags out of the back of her stroller. Clearing out laundry baskets was her favorite part of her job. Coming in a close second is taking every single wipe out its container then finding just the right one to go rub the windowsill. 
Then she got promoted when she learned how to open the kitchen cabinets. Her new job was to clear out all the pots and pans whenever she noticed the doors were shut and the pots and pans were inside.
Building onto her responsibilities at her job she moved to purses. It was her job to make sure all pens had their caps removed and all credit cards, business cards and paper money were strewn across the floor (I think she got a bonus for every time a credit card was found in another room or under the couch.)
To hone her craft she started moonlighting and attending training seminars where she would investigate the strollers and purses of people at the playground.
During all her training she mastered another skill, zippers! Thus adding of skill to her resume. Much to her happiness and career aspirations she's discovered that backpacks are no longer off her list of items she can empty out and ruin.
Her goals for the next 6 months are simple, and if she works hard I think she can achieve them. She plans to work on opening drawers. Her method of screaming while tugging on the handles is producing a little bit of success but she still needs to work on her technique. After that she will work on opening the refrigerator to extract her favorite snack, cheese. 

She's hoping to make management by her 2nd birthday.

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