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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First, The Fence, The Reunion and Nachos

Written on Wednesday, August 20, 2008
My First, and The Fence and the Reunion and Nachos
Three things make me write this post.
First, my boss was posing the question - What was the first album you ever bought? (mine was Foreigner Four) and What was your first concert?(Mine was Elton John and Quarterflash at Irvine Meadows. I wore pink jordache jeans and a blue frilly shirt that kind of looked like the short sleeve version of the pirate shirt from Seinfeld.)
Second - I hate Metallica. I don't have anything against their music. They are fine musicians. Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings, twisting your mind and . . . .something or other. Did you hear about the fence that some guy from metallica put up? he blocked off a fire road on his property that lotsa people jog and hike through because he's a big fat meanie. Then I thought about how the little one in Metallica, I can't remember his name, but the little one with the little cute girlfriend who had all the tatoos used to come in to WFM when I worked in the fish department and buy all the mahi mahi. Then, because I hate metallica so much (remember, I hate the artist, not the art), the cute girlfriend asked for some white fish because she heard that white fish didn't have a lot of fat, so I sold her a buncha escolar, which has lotsa fat and if you eat too much of it you get the runs.
Third - my 20 year HS reunion is in a few weeks. I'm on the fence about going. Society says I should go. E and S say I should go. A few work friends say I should go. I gotta tell you, I'm not excited about my old HS friends seeing my "not having any vices that make me skinny" body anymore. My "have had two kids" body anymore. All I'm really interested in is seeing who aged badly and who is gay now and which popular people who thought I was trash are now divorced and alcoholics.
Anyhow, all of that made me think of my first date - which is a pretty good story. My first date was with EM. I was 15 years old. The concert was in May or June of 1986. I was a junior in High School. I went to an Ozzy and Metallica concert. I spent the whole week figuring out just the perfect outfit to wear. How to make my slutty red pumps not look slutty, or maybe just a little bit slutty. How much blue eye shadow I should wear, and how high I should rat my hair. All week I listened to Ozzy and Metallica so I would know all the songs. I didn't listen to any Ozzy and Metallica the day of the show, however, because everyone knows it is bad luck to listen to the band you're gonna go see on the day you're gonna go see them. Once I figured it all out, I spent all day getting ready to go. I curled my hair lotsa times, put in tons of mousse and gel, lotsa makeup. Man, I was excited. I really liked the guy I was going on this date with. I was surprised my mom let me go, but she did. Then EM's uncle picked us up in his red mustang. We sat in the back and were quiet and nervous the whole way. At least I was. Uncle dropped us off a block away from the Long Beach Arena and said he'd be back when the show was over. We walked inside. I was so nervous and excited. I hoped I wouldn't trip and my blue eye shadow would make it through the night. We had great seats. EM bought me a t-shirt which I think I put on right away. He also bought me Nachos. We watched the show. I was so nervous I forgot to cheer. I had a great time. Then when the show was over, we walked hand in hand to the Uncle's car. It was waiting right where he said it would be. They drove me home. Uncle dropped the two of us off at my house then drove around the block so EM could kiss me goodbye. Then I went inside the house, said hello to my mom, then quickly went into my room, got ready for bed, and listened to my ears ring until I fell asleep. I was so happy. On Monday I made sure to wear my Ozzy shirt to show everyone I went to the show. I had a great time. Thank you EM. Oh, on a side note, EM and I also went to another concert about 3 years later. We saw Barry Manilow. EM bought me nachos. Whenever I have Nachos I smile a tiny little smile and I remember my first date.

So, to sum up, the first album I bought for myself was Foreigner 4, Metallica are a buncha a-holes, I think I'll skip the reunion and Nachos make me happy.

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