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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Be Kind - an open letter to Kind Snacks

Hello Kind,

Every night before my weekly hula class I stop by the little market next to the school to buy a plain goat milk yogurt (sheep if they have it), an apple and a Bumble Bar (I like the almond first, and then the plain). Last night they only had the yucky flavors of Bumble Bar, Chai and Lemon. I'm not one for fruity bars, however, right next to the bumble bars, at less than half the price, were a variety of Kind bars. For some reason, and I don't know why, the mango-macadamia nut one struck my fancy. I bought it. I didn't eat it before class like I normally would have. I did, however open the package once I got home. I took a bite, not expecting much, because as I stated above, I don't really like fruity bars, but I liked it. I ate the whole thing. It was pretty darn good. It didn't go well with the glass of Toasted Head Cab I was drinking at the time, maybe I should have had it with a Nobilo Sauv Blanc or Hogue Riesling, but that part was my fault, not yours. The bar itself was good and I'd buy another one.


San Francisco, CA

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