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Friday, February 28, 2014

DJ; Then and Now

Recently Hubby's cousin went on a mission to convert her videos to digital. Lucky me because a few months ago she sent us a DVD of the video she shot at Hubby's and my wedding reception. It was a lot of fun to look at. There was a lot of "Wow she looks so young," and "Oh, I was so skinny there," and "Who is that?"

Fast forward 17 years.

In December I organized my company's holiday party. It was super fun. One of the things I did was hire a DJ. I hired DJ Tom Thump. I have to admit, I picked his name off of yelp solely based on his name; Tom Thump. Of course I read all of his ratings on Yelp. Of course I googled him to find out more about him. Of course I talked to him to see if he would be the right fit. Of course I looked online for some samples of his stuff. (I found this by the way. I listen to it when I am working on expenses or when I'm knee-deep in excel files).

So it's a week or so after the holiday party. I'm sitting on my couch watching the wedding DVD that Hubby's cousin had just sent me and I stopped in my tracks. This is what I saw.
Tom Thump was the DJ at my wedding reception.

How strange is that?

Anyway, my wedding reception was 17 years ago and I don't remember every detail about Mr. Thump's performance, but at my company's holiday party, he totally rocked it. You should hire him for your next event where you need a DJ.


  1. Ha ha ha ha.....yes, the kids really liked balancing those glasses to his music. It was a fun reception! :)

  2. Holy crap! He was the DJ. That is freakin' hilarious and amazing. 17 years? Dang!


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