“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fairbrook Street. - A Dream

I wanted to create my own clothing line; specifically men's pants. I called the line of pants "Fairbrook Street."

Having no experience with making pants I called my friend. She once helped me make a pair of shorts out of Cookie Monster fur as a present for Hubby when we were still dating. She had recently moved to Washington DC, but in my dream it took the same time to travel to my home from DC as it does from El Sobrante. d

We found just the right model to wear the pants and hired him. 

One night about 1 am we decided to go to a locally-owned neighborhood Java house near me. When we got there it was closed, but right next door was a Doggie Diner. We went inside and got some coffee.

While we were drinking our coffee we saw the owner of the locally owned Java house making rolls. We saw him take a huge batch of just-risen dough out of the big hobart bowl, put it on the table, then give it a big giant bear hug before he portioned the dough out into just the right size for his rolls.

We finished our coffee then left. I forgot my jacket and my shoes at the Diner and had to go back to get them. 

Then Bean and I were walking through a parking lot. We were on the 2nd level but our car was on the 8th level. I had tons to carry plus I didn't think Bean could walk up all those flights of stairs to get to the 8th level. We couldn't take the elevator because elevators don't work in my dreams. Bean kept running away from me for fun. Just when I grabbed out for her, she slipped through my fingers and turned into a pigeon and flew up into the rafters of the parking lot. We contained her in a cardboard box, then she flew out.

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  1. Well, that was a freaky dream---lots of symbolism though throughout! It's true---elevators never work in dreams---as well as phones. My phone never works in my dreams.


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