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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Hose and a Stick - Book Review

So my disclaimer right up front; I didn't read more than a few paragraphs; OK, only one whole paragraph and a handful of sentences and not all of them were in the order the author intended. My 2.5 year old loves books and always wants someone to read to her. She'll walk up to any bookshelf and pick up any book that looks interesting and ask in the sweetest voice ever DEMAND "Read to me. Read to me."

Tonight's selection was Marley; A Dog Like No Other by John Grogan.

Now when Beanie gets a book read to her, she decides what page gets read when, and in what order. Tonight she ran up to me holding the book she had chosen (Marley, as stated before), climbed up onto the couch, jumped around a little bit then settled and snuggled right up next to me in the crook of my arm, opened the book and pointed to a passage and demanded with sugar on top that I read.

The first passage she had me read was all about how this guy had lost a gold necklace and just as he had given up looking for it his dog pooped it out. He explained in detail how a hose with a spray nozzle and a stick freed the gold neckl.....

Then Bean turned the page and pointed to another part of the book where the dog had graduated from his dog training class but as soon as they had to apply what the dog had learned in the class into real-life scenarios, the dog failed and they were no better off than they were before they started going to dog training school.

Then she turned a few more pages here and there but never let me read more than a few words or phrases. She was satisfied when we got to the last page and closed the book with a content sounding "The End."

In summary, I don't think I'll actually sit down and read the book. From the passages and phrases I did get to read, I was entertained and so was Bean.

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