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Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Pyrex
When I moved out of my parents' house about 15 years ago one of the things I was sure to do was to hide all of my mom's cooking utensils that I loved inside my bags ... to name a few -- the wooden spoon with all the perfectly cured edges, the perfect bowl for mixing, my favorite fork and the 9x13 pyrex glass baking dish. Growing up, I remember all the yummy dinners and desserts that were cradled inside that baking dish -- veal parmesan, shake'n'bake, red velvet cake, etc.The first time my parents came to visit me in my new house, my mom managed to take back everthing I had stolen, except for my favorite fork and the 9x13 pyrex glass baking dish. Over the last 15 years I've been using the trusty glass baking dish to cook many batches of scalloped potatoes, chicken breasts and frittatas. I've long since lost my favorite fork and the other night, I lost a part of my childhood. I was making chicken breasts. They were going to be really yummy; Herbes de Provence, a little bit of olive oil, what a treat. When I checked on them I noticed the bottom of the dish was a little dry. I added a little bit of chicken stock right from newly opened box and POP! The glass baking cracked down the middle. I quickly had to lug my 9x13 cast iron Le Creuset dish out of the cupboard, thow in the chicken breasts and along with all the nice fond that had been cultivating on the bottom of the pan while the chicken was baking, I had to throw the 9x13 pyrex glass baking dish in the recycle.

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