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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My first food allergy.

Baby Kiwis, cousins of the Kiwi Fruit, are luscious berries with smooth skin, delicate seeds and are similar in size to the grape. They are high in nutritional value and make excellent snacks. Baby Kiwis’ beautiful green skin lacks the undesirable fuzz found on the larger, well-known variety. They are just as delicious and refreshing as well. Baby Kiwis are handpicked and immediately hand-packed with care. They have a shelf life of 7 to 14 days. Eat Baby Kiwis whole right out of the hand or create delightful snacks and hors d’oervres for any occasion.

I have a food allergy, I think. I've never had a food allergy before so I'm only guessing but I think I'm right.

I have seasonal allergies, but I've never been allergic to food. Last night I took a bite of Baby Kiwis, a fruit at Trader Joes, which isn't a kiwi, but is a cousin of the kiwi. Less than 5 minutes later my throat swelled up and I had to cough instead of breathe (not that bad, but almost). I took a benydryl and was all better. Neither Little Miss nor Little Mister were bothered by them.

I have to say that I'm bummed to be allergic to food. I didn't really like the baby kiwi but I didn't hate it, and now, if it is in a fruit salad, do I have to skip the whole salad or just pick out the offenders?

I'm not happy about this. I think I'll just try to cover it up by saying I don't like that kind of fruit instead of saying that I'm allergic to it.

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