“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Saturday, April 18, 2009

There's no Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky

My dream last night or this morning, rather.

Hubby, Little Miss and Little Mister and I were driving through Kenya. Picture driving through Calistoga except with a lot of neon. We saw a Kentucky Fried Chicken, except the sign didn't say KFC in english. The sign was written in Kenyan (OK I don't know what the Kenyan language is called so I'm just going to call it Kenyan because that's what I called it in my dream). We knew it was a KFC because we as a society are succeptible to branding. Hubby said "There's a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky." Little Miss shouted out "There's no Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky, we're in Kenya."

Then suddenly we were no longer driving, but walking. We saw some Golden Arches. McDonalds was written out in english, not Kenyan. I said "I wonder if there's a starbucks." We turned the corner and yes, there was a starbucks in Kenya, but again, nothing was in english. We only knew it was s-bux because we know what the logo looks like. I made Little Miss order her own coffee. She was a little freaked out to order by herself because she didn't speak Kenyan. I told her that it is s-bux, they are nothing if not consistent. Just point to what you want.
Then we started walking down the midway, because in my dream-Kenya there is a midway filled with lots of neon and those games with the waterguns where you shoot at a target to make your baloon go up or the racecar win the race. All of the carnies were English, had super cockney accents and drank fine wine while they were working. The prizes for one of the games were bobble-head dolls of San Francisco Giants.

I love my dream life.

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