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Friday, October 9, 2009

Who would win in a fight? Buffy and the Scoobies or Sylar?

Well, of course we all would want Buffy to win but I don't think it would happen unless we were dealing with mid-series Scoobies. Willow would have to have more power than just wearing overalls and hacking into computers and she couldn't be all "I can't use magic because it makes me kooky" although she would need the skill of skinning, like when she skinned that guy who killed her girlfriend Tara. I don't know where the Werewolf boyfriend would come in. I think that Sylar would steal his ability/curse thinking that would be a cool power and it would turn out that Werewolf-Sylar would be a bad combo. Cordelia wouln't be of any help. Spike would have to be, at the very least, chaotic good. Xander would be good, expecially if the vengance demon was his girlfriend, but not after they broke up. Miles would have to have is magic store and he'd have to be there and not tucked away somewhere in England. Of course we'd need the help of Faith, too. With all of them working together, they might be able to harm Sylar and make him go away, but I don't think they'd win the war, only the battle. Eventually his werewolf abilities would be what brings him down. The next full moon he'd turn in to a werewolf and the powers he stole from Ted would kick in and he'd blow himself up.

Hubby and I like to get series of shows on netfix and watch those instead of regular TV. The first series we watched was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wasn't too in to it, but I promised Hubby I'd do one season. I dug it so much we watched all 7 seasons over one summer.
Right now we're watching Heroes. We are about 3 episodes into season 2. I'm enjoying it, but not as much as I enjoyed Buffy.
I had a Heroes dream last night.
I went back and forth between being the main character in the dream and being an observer of things happening. I was on a coach with a lot of people. In my dream I knew who they were, but I don't think it's any body I know in real life. We were going south on the 101. We had just passed the 380 connector to the 280. Out to our left we saw a bunch of walkers from the SGK breast cancer 3-day walk.  I cheered out the window for them. I've done a few walks in my day so I knew they liked being 'woo-hood' at. There were a lot of Warming Hut Hotties walking.

Then all of the sudden I was being chased on foot. Well, sometimes I was being chased and sometimes I was watching the chase. The person who took my place, the person who was being chased when I was an observer looked like Julia Roberts. She wasn't Julia Roberts, she just looked like her, except her hair wasn't as pretty. At one point, the Julia Roberts doppelganger got caught by the guy chasing her/me.
He threw her to the ground and then showed her a little dirt clod in the shape of a scarab.

On the belly of the scarab was an intricate carving of grape vines and in the grape vines was the symbol from Heroes cut into the block of vines kind of like a crop circle. The man asked if she/I recognized the symbol. She/I said yes. He walked away. Dream over.

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  1. Although Sylar is quite powerful, the scooby gang ALWAYS finds a way. Even when the books don't hold the answers...how many end of the world battles did they win?? Three or four?? Slylar is pretty much a more handsome (Glory-fied) version of Glory, don't you think?

    Did you know they continued Buffy in comic form? As with most Joss Whedon it took awhile to get going but a war is brewing now and it's getting quite good. If you liked the show you will probably like the comic...


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