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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update on My List

I've been thinking about my list lately. By sometime in mid-August 2010 I'm supposed to have a number of things done. 50.5 things, to be exact.

I've done 17 of my 50.5 things. Some items are still on-going, some I haven't even attempted, some of them I've kind of slacked off on and some, I realize now, are just fancy. I'm never going to do them.

Let's break it down ---

Today's post ---

Things I've done --
#3. At least one meal a day will comprise only raw food for one month during the week, not on weekends - This one was stupid. I did it for about 2 weeks and got bored.
#4. I will climb the coit tower stairs every day for 3 weeks excluding weekends - slam dunk.
#7. I will not cut my hair until at least october 25, 2009 - I have long stringy hair now
#8. practice hula for at least 1/2 hr every day until October 23, 2009 - that didn't happen all the time but I did listen to hawaiian music every day (she said from the 8th row at the ho'ike nui)
#10. finish the blanked I'm making for my mom - I finished it and gave it to her for Mother's Day
#11. croched a blanket for rose and Darin's baby - I did but I wasn't happy with the blanket so I never gave it to them
#13. Take Little Mister camping - on our way to Idaho over the summer we camped there and back.
#15. give hubby control of the remote, without complaint, for an entire week - done, it wasn't that bad
#22. Try dolmas again - did that and reallly really hated them
#26. Make a Cherry Pie - did that, not the best Cherry Pie ever but Hubby 1/2 of it for breakfast so it couldn't have been that bad.
#32. sell a case of melemacs - selling one case was easy.
#35. ride one of those bikes with the 4 seats down JFK on a Sunday in SF - did that on Mother's Day
#38. walk the barbary coast trail - we did this. we had a good time but we didn't do the audio tour so it was just a long walk.
#41. lay flowers on emperor norton's grave - done
#43. take Little Miss to a Festa - did that on July 3
#46. let my hair grow out long enough so I can see my natural color - done, icky color
#49. ride the Giant Dipper with Little Miss - done on July 3.

Next post about the List - On-going items.

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