“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On-Going items

Yesterday I wrote about things I accomplished on my list.
Today the topic is things that are on-going and their progress.

 #9 Put all my change into a jar until the end of this project - I haven't really been doing this, but I haven't really not been doing this. What I mean to say is that while I'm not actively putting change into a jar, I do sometimes put change I find into a jar. The rest of it doesn't get spent (well, I keep a few quarters for parking meters and for food at the petting zoo). (picture of parking meter taken by Julie Michele during my photo-shoot with her for the Iliveheresf.blogspot.com feature she did on me.)

The point is, I'm not using my change all the time. Its destiny is the change-jar, not my pocket, save for of course the few quarters I reserve for purposes listed above.

#14 update my progress on this project at least once a week on this blog - truth be told I haven't been doing this. I thought I would have something to say every week about this, but I don't so why write "this week I didn't do anything"?

#25 call or email all my friends and family on their birthdays - (Sorry Anton, your birthday was yesterday and I forgot it, I can't remember the last time I forgot it. True, I hardly ever remember the date, but I always remember it's "some time around now".) I've forgotten a few people. I'm sorry. I've been pretty good about this one, though.

#29 Compliment someone every day - I think I do this every day from telling someone their hair looks nice, to telling them something they do makes me giggle or smile. At the very least, I complement someone every day - hubby and I are going on 15 together (12.5 yrs married) at the end of December. I'll use the complementing as my fallback to complimenting because hardly anybody ever gets those two correct.

#44 put $1 in the change jar every time I bite or pick my nails so bad they bleed - I haven't been doing this, but thankfully I've been curbing my nail-biting habits. My Little Miss has the best nails. She never picks at them and they are always long and pretty (but frequently filled with crud and I have to remind her to clean out her nails - she found a toothbrush in the hall closet from the pack of toothbrushes I bought for her slumber party in case any kid forgot their brush. We got totally grossed out when we found out that Little Miss's nail brush was also doing duty as Little Mister's toothbrush. Problem solved, but ew.)

Next up - Things I'm not going to do and/or Things I've modified.

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