“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get ready to cross off #12 on my list

Pencil steady, it's almost time.

Today I took the first step in accomplishing #12 on my list "participate in the 2010 Climb California event.
I registered. I not only registered, I started a team and signed up my first team member, my daughter, my Little Miss. She'll be 11 by the time the next climb comes along (Marcy 27, 2010).

Wanna join my team? We're called "Team Aloha". Everyone's welcome. All you have to do is register, sign up with Team Aloha, raise $100 and walk 52 flights of stairs, that's 1,197 stairs.

I did it last year in 27 minutes, 10 seconds. I came in 927th place. This year I'm hoping to do it in less than 25 minutes.

Totally do-able, I think. The record is something crazy like 6 minutes 32 seconds. Last year there were all kinds of people climbing from super stair climbing athletes, to kids, to firemen dressed in full gear. I read a story about a woman who was recovering from surgery; she had a lung removed. The climb took her over an hour. Her family was worried as the waited for her and sent some medics down the stairs to find her. When they found her she was fine. She told them she was taking her time, she was going to make it to the top, just making it to the top was her reward.

If you can't participate, can you donate? Little Miss and I each need to raise $100. Whatever is donated into our individual buckets can't be transferred to another person, so please, when you donate, if one of us has reached the $100 mark and the other hasn't, please donate to the one who hasn't.

Y'know, you can always donate to both of us.  

Happy Climbing!

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