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--- Douglas Adams

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Faces in Places Dream

Last night I had a dream about the person who runs Faces in Places. Now, I've never met the Faces in Places person. I've never seen a picture of him/her. I don't even know if it's a man or a woman who runs it. Just like when I read a book, however, I put a picture together in my head of what this person must look like. In my head, the Faces in Places person is a 20-something girl, cute, super hip, really freaking smart, but because she's so cute and hip, people don't often see how smart she is. I could be totally wrong. Faces in Places person could be a 40 year old guy with a comb-over or a ben franklin haircut. He doesn't live with his mom, he and his mom are room mates. He works at the naval recruiting center and doesn't let anyone know that he likes to collect cute pictures of faces.
In my dream, the Faces in Places person didn't look like either of those people described above.

Hubby and I were hanging out at some park, but the park was paved, but that didn't seem to bother us and I only bring it up now because looking back, I think it was weird. I looked across the park and saw this guy, a just-out-of-highschool aged guy. Mixed race (black and some kind of white), dreadlocks down to his shoulders (like Whoopi but good), wearing a backwards pageboy hat. Super hip guy. He had a staff with him. He had found a really great Face in a Place. His staff was staging the scene, being careful not to disturb the Face he found in the Place so that his photo would be just perfect. I walked up to him and asked him if he was the Faces in Places guy. He said yes, and went back to work. He was really pleasant, but in the mood to take pictures and not talk to some fan.

I like the Faces in Places blog.  Here are some Faces in Places pictures I've taken. Both were taken at Armstrong Woods near Guerneville. First one is an orangutan covered in moss (or is it a seal covered in moss), the other one is a rhinoceros.

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