“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where Did My Dreams Go?

I've always had a pretty vivid dream life. I've always been able to recall the most minute detail, what color something was, how many buttons it had, what songs were sung, how something smelled.

Lately my dream life has been somewhat off kilter.

I've been waking up knowing I was just dreaming but unable to remember what it was, or even worse, been waking up not remembering any dreams. It's really bothersome. Frankly I was pretty darned entertained by my weird dreams and I miss them, a lot.

I think they might be coming back. In the last two nights I've had two dreams I almost kind of remember.
Here are my fragments.

Picture stolen from nayontenor.blogspot.com
 Dream #1 - I overheard someone tell someone else that Ulrich Roth had died. I was sad, but was happy to hear that it wasn't Klaus Meine.
Note- when I woke up yesterday I wasn't sure if I had dreamed this or if his death was reported on the news and I just incorporated it into my dream. I don't usually fall asleep with the TV on, but that night I did. I have been known to incorporate outside noises into my dreams. When I got to work I investigated. As far as I know both Ulich Roth and Klaus Meine are still alive and kicking. No word on whether their careers are, though.

Dream #2 - I woke up this morning remembering only one phrase: It's Taco Tuesday Somewhere! I wish I had some background on that one. I'd be nice to know why Taco Tuesday was so important.

I hope this is the start of a new pattern of remembering my dreams. I really do miss remembering them.


  1. I miss reading about them too! More sleep please.

  2. I had a strange dream myself last night... It involved a bear hiding in a trash can, and then chasing us...weird. My favorite dreams are those that my father is in. He sometimes shows up in the background in a very symbolic way, like he is saying hello to me from heaven. :) P.S. Cold medicine will give you the strangest dreams of all.


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