“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Dreams

Dream #1

My dad is driving a ford pinto. My friend B and I are in the back. We're hungry. My dad stops across the street from a McDonalds and waits in the car while we get food. This McDonalds' parking lot is filled with local gangsters using this place as their Saturday night hang-out. Picture Del Taco in the late '80s but instead of pastel colored mini trucks with booming stereos playing beastie boys or soft cell and giant monster trucks with "spanky" painted on the back window there were real live gangters. Pacman and Hodges were nowhere to be seen. It was just B, me and lotsa gangsters. I told B. that I didn't want to go inside. She brushed me off and went inside. I followed. She was about 2 people ahead of me in line.

Mousie, Sad Girl and Baby Doll came up behind me and thanked me for buying them happy meals. I told them I wasn't going to buy them happy meals and they said "Yes you are". I told them I only had $22, but I really had another $20 in another pocket. They took my $22 and said "it'll do". Then the cholas thanked me very much for never going into their McDonalds ever again. B got mad at me for buying them happy meals.

Dream #2
I don't know why but EAW and IJB were mad at me. So mad at me that not only would they not talk to me, they talked smack about me. I kept going up to them and telling them I wanted to talk about it. They wouldn't. First we were at the 23rd Ave place but it didn't look like the 23rd ave place but I knew it was. Then we were in NY. I needed to get my hair done. I found a cool salon. They said they could take me at 10pm. I walked around a bit, went to the library and then Hubby took me to a tiny Paul Frank store. At 10pm I was ready but they weren't and they told me that my appointment was at 2am. I couldn't leave and come back at 2am, I had to stay the whole time. in the backyard of the salon was a big stretch of grass. people hung out, drank, smoked, relaxed on the grass. I sat on the grass and looked in the sky, turned to my right and saw EAW talking to someone. She said something like "it stinks here, let's move" so she and her party moved. I went to where the jackets were and found EAW's purse and coat. I messed up her purse by taking all the stuff out of the pockets and russled up everything. i made a special point not to steal anything. i didn't want to hurt her, I only wanted to piss her off. Then I put her jacket and purse somewhere else in the coat room and put someone else's jacket that I'd peed on the hook where she originaly left her stuff so when she reached for her jacket she would grab someone else's jacket covered in pee. I left and told the hair dresser that only crazy people get their hair done at 2am.


  1. Another woman who pays attention to her dreams! I love it. Dreams are a trip, aren't they?


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