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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Pregnant Lady

Last Friday Muni Diaries hosted an event called "Riders with Drinks" at The Make Out Room in San Francisco.
I've posted a few stories here and there about some of my experiences on Muni. When Hubby heard about the event he told me I had to go. He said I needed to read my posting "Don't Piss Off the Pregnant Lady" on stage in front of the crowd. He said I'd have fun.
I wasn't so sure.
I wasn't afraid to get up on the stage and read my story. I've been on stage a handful of times hula dancing, why should I be afraid reading a few paragraphs about how I tripped a girl who wouldn't give up her seat when I was 6 months preggers? I was afraid of going into an environment, filled with people, and having to talk to them, having to make conversation. Hubby talked me into it. He drove me there with the kiddies in the back seat and then they waited out the event at a nearby hamburger joint. What a great hubby and patient kiddies.
I got there and the place was crowded. Super crowded. Illegally crowded. I got myself a yummy boont amber that they had on tap, yum, and listen to the stories. At the break the host said that anyone who wanted to come up and read their stories could. So I worked my way up to the front and said "I'm the Pregnant Lady you shouldn't piss off". They welcomed me and I read my story on stage. I had a lot of fun and I was glad hubby insisted I go.

Then I met my family at the burger joint, ate my cheeseburger like nobody's business, played with the kiddes then went home.

It was a really fun night.

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