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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Knockers and Bras - I did it right.

Back in 2006 when I had a myspace account I wrote a little snippet about an adventure Little Miss and I had at Target. You can find the full text here. Just scroll down to the bottom. Here it is reposted for you in a nutshell (but if you want a good giggle, go back and read the whole post).

Friday, August 04, 2006 - I've always wanted big knockers!

Yesterday Little Miss and I were in Target. We were looking at all of the barrettes and hair ties. All of the sudden Little Miss said "mom, I've always wanted big knockers."
Here's what she meant

Two days ago Little Miss and I went bra shopping. Lemme tell you, just as much of a rite of passage for me as it was for her.
She's been wearing a camisole ("cami" she calls them) for a few months now. The other night I was in the garage switching the wash around. She came downstairs, stood in the doorway and told me she was ready for a bra. I played it cool and said "OK, tomorrow when I get home from work we'll go to Target". She left the garage and I freaked out a little.
The next day we went to Target as promised. We got the smallest sized bra, which I was sure would be too big for her. She tried it on. It was too small. It was too small? Oh my gosh. She tried on the next size up and it was a little too big. OK, at least she isn't ready for the next size up. We went back to the bra section. I picked out something white and functional, and then told her to pick out any 4 bras in her size. I stood back and pretended to look at another rack (no pun intended) while she chose which bras she liked best.
Before we left the bra section, I told her I was a little bit nervous. My first bra experience wasn't exactly fun and I wanted to make sure her first experience was nice. I remember sitting on my bed reading or something and my mom comes to the door of my room and throws a paper bag from Thrifty Drug to me. I open it, notice what it is and then my mom pointed at me and said sharply "and you will wear it". End of story. I told Little Miss the story. She agreed that it didn't sound like a very positive experience. She told me I did OK and didn't make her feel weird. Then I let her look in the girls' section for a few minutes while I went to the boys' section to see if there were any pants on sale for the Little Mister.
We left the store and went home. She went to her room right away and tried on her new garments. We ate dinner and had a normal night.
Later, when she told me good night she whispered in my ear "you did it right".


  1. How adorable! I can't believe she is ready for a bra! Hope your holding up and ready for the ride ahead!

  2. your little girl sounds like such an old, wise soul...they teach us so much (and my girl is only 5 months!)...


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