“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dream on March 1 and being cross with Hubby.

I had a dream this morning.
I woke up and went downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer. I noticed the stairs were cluttered with all sorts of clothes, books, old dead tomato plants. I get to the bottom of the stairs and notice the front door open. I go to close the door but realize I am naked. I grab a piece of clothing from the floor (hubby's brownish plaid flannel) cover myself and shut the door. As the door is closing I notice a BMW motorcycle turn its headlight on and start its engine. I turn to go upstairs and notice the door leading from the hallway to the garage is open. I peek inside and notice the garage door is open, the garage is cleared out, there are about 10 bikes in various states of repair hanging from hooks on the ceiling. All of them have headlights. There are tons of fans blowing in the garage. I realize then that all the windows in the house were open all night long. I go upstairs to ask hubby what he was doing and I get caught in fishing wire and netting. I realize that all the junk on the stairs is there to let us know if someone tries to get upstairs. I wonder why the fishing line and netting didn't catch me on my way down. I marvel for just a second about hubby's engineering prowess. I call out to hubby. He tells me he know all about the doors being open and the booby trap he set and he will be there in a minute. I tell him I am stuck. He comes out of the bedroom makes a small cut in the fishing line trapping me. He tells me to be careful taking the line off and not to rip everything off quickly. I start ripping slowly. He gets mad. I tell him that he shouldn't be mad because I was ripping slowly not quickly. I ask him what he was up to last night and about the windows and doors open and all the fans. 
He's just about to tell me.Hubby' alarm goes off. His stupid rooster alarm. I never find out what he was up to. I was so mad I wouldn't let him put his arm around me after he hit snooze on his alarm. I was cross at him all morning.

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  1. Oh man! Stupid alarm now I am cross at him to or the alarm rather! I hope you dream part 2 tonight!


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