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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrate Every Day at Pelican Bay!

I went to the Fancy Food Show yesterday. I go every year and have a lot of fun. I'm one of "those" people who fill up on samples and free stuff to take home. This year was no exception. I came home with 500ml boxes of coconut water (yum), a big bag of salt water taffy, and various little samples of chocolates and salt.
Some of my favorite areas to visit at Fancy Food Show are the cheese aisles. I can't get enough runny, stinky cheese. I also like the olives and the BBQ truck.

One company who I've seen a the food show on more than one occasion is Pelican Bay.
I wonder if they sell a lot of products in Northern California. When they decided to name their business after the city in Florida where they're from, did they think they would ever grow large enough to sell their products to those of us who associate the name Pelican Bay with quite a different enterprise? If Pelican Bay State Prison had a gift shop, would it be appropriate to sell Pelican Bay Honey Dew Mint Melonade Mix or Delicious Alligator Swamp Cake?

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