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Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm not chicken

One of my gifts for Christmas this year was a box of Spicy Spices from Penzy's
Last night we decided to have a little taste test with the spices, or at least some of them.

See, the gift box came with 8 different spices, but we only used three on the chicken; Vindaloo, Hot Curry Powder and 4/S. We didn't use Northwest Fire, Galena BBQ Rub or Hot Chili Powder because when I put them away after I got them they were put on a different shelf than the others. I totally forgot about them. We also didn't use Chipotle because I don't like smokey flavored things, or the crushed red pepper. We use crushed red pepper in cooking all the time. We know what it tastes like. I added the crushed red pepper jar into the regular mix of condiments and spices. It'll get used soon enough.

We took some chicken drumsticks, gave each of them identifying slashes in their skin so we would know which is which. We also reserved a few drumsticks, cooking them with only salt, pepper and thyme, because I knew the kiddies would eat those if they hated the others.

Chicken, pre-roasting
The verdict -
The Girl thought the Vindaloo and the Curry were too spicy and made me eat them. She LOVED the 4/S flavor, giving it the very high compliment of "if I had school tomorrow I would ask for it to be in my lunch."
Hubby loved the 4/S as well. He didn't like the consistency of the Curry or Vindaloo spices, but the flavor was good. I attribute that to Chef's Error (mine) of adding too much spice. Perhaps it would have been yummier if cooked a different way, say put in some flour and deep fried?
I liked the Curry spice the best. A little squeeze of lime on the chicken made it even yummier.
The Boy, not having a good nap yesterday licked a few pieces of the Salt, Pepper and Thyme chicken, decided he didn't like it and had plain kiefer and cutie tangerines for dinner. Right after he finished he told me he wanted a cuddle and a song. I excused myself from the spicy chicken taste test, wrapped The Boy up in a blankie, and sang him his favorite Tom Waits' song, Little Trip to Heaven.

The next thing I knew, The Boy was asleep.
The Girl and Hubby put away dinner, I put The Boy to bed then followed suit shortly thereafter.

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