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Monday, August 8, 2011

I Have a Great Idea: An Open Letter to "Orthodox Chews"

Dear Orthodox Chews,
I've always wanted to try your product and today I got the chance to. Yay!
See, the market by my office that sells your delicious taffy sells it for $7.99 for a one pound bag. Ouchie-wouchie, that's a lot of money. I don't have that kind of money to spend on candy.
Today I had to go out to the market and buy some snackies for some folks that are flying in today for a meeting. Most of them will have been in the air since "dark o'clock" and could probably use some sugar or salt upon their arrival. I went to the market not really knowing what to buy. I figured some cookies and some pop chips, along with some red bull and fizzy water would probably do the trick. As I was standing in line with my goodies I noticed your product displayed at an endcap.

I grabbed a bag and smiled. Here's my chance, I thought, to try Orthodox Chews.

I'll get a bag for my group coming in today. Bingo! I tried a red and white swirly one. I liked it a lot. I grabbed a purple one. Not my favorite, but then again, purple isn't my favorite flavor. I tried a few others. They were yummy. I liked how they were a litte hard at first and had to be sucked on a bit to get soft.

So here's my idea. Bear with me as I will get to it.
About 4 years ago my boss and a few other senior people from the office went to New Zealand and Australia for a few weeks to tour some of my company's properties. It was a big trip with a lot of people helping to make the trip a success. I was in charge of creating some kind of thank-you gift that of course thanked them for their hospitality, but also relfected the industry in which we work (wine) and our local culture (we're in San Francisco). I found Jelly Bean Wine Bar on the web. I found "recipes" for specific varietals and styles of wine using jelly bellies. I ordered gumball machines and jelly bellies from Jelly Belly Factory and filled each gumball machine with the correct recipe for a few different styles of wine (Australian Shiraz, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc), then created a cute litle card and sent the thank you gifts off to our hosts. It was really well received.

OK, so now here's my idea.
You should use Orthodox Chews to do the same thing with Manischewitz. That might be a fun project.

Yummy taffy,

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