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--- Douglas Adams

Friday, September 2, 2011

(Unsolicited) Advice

Yesterday I attended a baby shower for a few of the ladies in my office. The shower was pretty nice; balloons, music, yummy cheeses, wine, and pretty yummy looking cupcakes. I didn't have a cupcake. I filled up on humboldt fog cheese and pinot noir.
Anyhow, the lady who set up the event thanked everyone for coming, then asked all the experienced mommies in the room to give a little advice to the new mommies.
My advice was this -
As a new mom you're going to look at other moms to see what their doing. You're going to doubt yourself and think "should I be doing that, too?"
When that happens just remember, there are many different ways to acheive the same goal. What might work for their family, may or may not work for yours. If your baby's belly is full, if he's warm at night, and most of all, if he knows he's loved, you can relax because you're doing it right.

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