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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bazooka zooka bubble gum.

Last night as we were finishing up a particularly yummy dinner (linguine with Bolognse sauce, ciabatta bread, sweet corn with lots of butter and black pepper on it) Little Miss wanted some dessert. She left the table and came back with her Easter Basket from a few months ago. We were amazed that she still had candy left. I was lucky if I had any left after 3 days when I was a kid. Then I remembered she still had some halloween candy left. I ran and got her plastic pumpin and we all had a laugh about how long Little Miss keeps her candy, that she portions and rations it out.
While digging through the plastic pumpkin I found a bunch of Bazooka Bubble Gum. We opened all of them and read the comics to each other, laughing at the fortunes and the corny jokes.

Little Miss wanted to see how many pieces of gum she could chew. I decided to challenge her. Sadly I lost. I chewed 3 pieces and she chewed 11. Then we ran out of gum.

Here some pics of the results.

This picture shows my piece of gum next to Little Miss's piece. We used a quarter for scale. The novelty bloody finger shows the clear winner.

Then for fun, we paired the gum with a novelty tater tot.

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  1. I never realized how weird Bazooka gum looks post chewing. It's like a piece of raw veal...odd.

    ps-i love that she's so thrifty!


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