“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Monday, May 11, 2009

Come into the Circle for your Friendship Squeeze

The Kiddies and I happened upon a Girls Scout Gathering. We didn't know what it was at first. All we heard from the loud speaker was "Come into the Circle for your Friendship Squeeze". Little Miss and I looked at each other and walked the other way, quickly.
We found shelter in the Marine Sanctuary, almost.
While we were in there sifting through a big bowl of rocks looking for sharks teeth, entered Mr. Red Bandana. Who is Mr. Red Bandana? Mr. Red Bandana is my ex boyfriend and a naturalist at the Marine Sanctuary. One time when we were dating we were supposed to go to hawaii together for a week. Then one day he came over and told me he had bought a ticket to Hawaii and was going by himself. I was super pissed but was certain he'd bring me back a present. Do you know what he brought back for me? A STINKIN' RED BANDANA. What a stupid gift. Sorry Mr. Red Bandana if you're reading this, but you got negative boyfriend points for that one. If you were going to buy me a present at he gift shop you could have at least brought me back a puka shell necklace or a pretty little tin of mele macs. The night he came back was the night my kitty Jack came home from the hospital from getting his eye removed. I had his catbox and bed set up in my room so he could have some peace and the other kitty Garth wouldn't try to play or cuddle with him and tear out his stitches. I was so mad at the red bandana that I threw every thing Mr. Red Bandana had ever given me into the catbox (except for a few things that I liked. those things I hid - yes, mr. red bandana, I still have your sea sheppard's t-shirt and Jack Kerouac CDs, and the stinkin' red bandana). About a year later, after almost 2 years of dating, he broke up with me at some tea house on Valencia street in the Mission. Although I was sad at the time, I have no complaints today. Things turned out great for me. I have two great kids and a rockin' husband. Mr. Red Bandana was really nice to my kids. He gave Little Miss some information about the sanctuary to give to her teacher and told her he'd give her class a tour. It was nice to catch up. He also said that the "friendship squeeze" people were 7,000 girl scouts from across the country. On the way back to the car I told Little Miss that he was an old boyfriend. She was surprised that I talked to him and that Hubby wouldn't mind that I spoke with him. I explained to her that running in to him is no big deal, that we were going to tell Daddy about it, and that he wouldn't have a problem with it. She thought it was weird, but accepted it.

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