“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
--- Douglas Adams

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The List Update

I get to cross a few things off my list.

#10 First - hooray, I finished my mom's blanket. I didn't finish it in time for her birthday but I did finish it in time for mother's day. I'm am going to get totally great daughter-karma for this, and extra daughter points as well. I don't have a picture of it but see if you can picture it in your head. Its main color is maroon with pieces of different complementary colors winding through it. I crocheted in back loops only using a hdc. The border is standard two hdc in each row, two rows. It's not super big, but my mom puts a blankie on her lap when her youngest baby (her schnauzer Frida) sits on her lap.

#11I finally found a pattern I like for Hubby's cousin's baby. I don't think I'll have it done by the time her shower rolls around in two weeks, but jeez, she's not due until August. I'll finish the blankie by then.

#32 I sold a case of Mele Macs. Yummy candies. I'm almost done with selling the second case. Mele Macs are toffee covered macademia nuts dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in what Little Miss's BFF calls "donut dust". (Side note: Little Miss had a slumber party a few weeks ago. I broke open a jar of melemacs and let the kids have at it. Two days later there was a trail of ants going from the window to under the couch in the living room. At the end of the trail I found two melemacs, chocolate sucked off. The ants were after the nuts and toffee.)
Melemacs are $20 a jar and if you buy one or three you will help a group of adults to Hawaii for the week in 2011.

#46 I'm having a hard time letting my hair grow until October. Some of it broke off where the gray hair meets the dyed hair. The new hair coming in is stronger and a different texture than the old dyed hair. I'm trying to stick this one out. Only a few months to go.

The headaches have lessened. Partly because I got some cool-ass new glasses and partly because now I don't have to worry about getting laid off any time soon. See, the boss got a promotion and I was left without a boss. I got a new boss and a new job description. Seems like it'll be a pretty good gig, not the same, but an OK gig. With the headache at bay, that means I can tackle ...
#15 Hubby gets control of the remote this week. I started reading Angels and Demons. I usually don't read books that are also current blockbuster movies because I really hate it when people on the muni try to turn the L-Taraval into their own personal book club, then weeks later they try to ask you what you are reading this time and talk to you again. I have to admit, I am enjoying the book. I'm only about 150 pages into it, but I'm digging it. I still have to take on #17 and read "The other bolelyn girl" but hey, I have some time.

When are cherries in season?

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